Survey of Siam Sterling Nielloware, by Charles Dittell

Survey of Siam Sterling Nielloware is the only E-book to provide a comprehensive survey of the fascinating jewelry and related items, Siam sterling Nielloware. The Survey does not replace the physical book, Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware, which includes about four times as many illustrations, but it does provide a more text-focused "survey" of these fascinating jewelry and related Siam sterling Nielloware items, many of which are still "out there," waiting to be collected.

Survey includes over 120 photos, rare in the E-book world. It goes into detail to reach its three goals: (1) to keep collectors and dealers up-to-date as to the variety and values of Siam sterling Niello jewelry and related items, (2) to provide information on the manufacture and distribution of these items, and (3) to inform readers as to their historical and cultural background.

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Price is $9.99.

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