[Nielloware Napkin Ring]
Unique Nielloware Napkin Ring
Est Value: $100

[Nielloware Earrings]
Attractive screwback earrings
Est Value: $35

[Nielloware Napkin Ring]
Rare Woman's Buckle with Tag
Est Value: $50

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Bracelet]
Nielloware Bracelet
Est Value: $50

[Nielloware Napkin Ring]
Impressive Cigar Box
Est Value: $175

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Belt]
Rare Nielloware Belt
Est. Value: $250

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Bracelet]
Unusual Nielloware Bracelet
Est. Value: $100

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Lighter]
Very Rare Nielloware Lighter
Est. Value: $150

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Bracelet]
Impressive Nielloware Bracelet
Est Value: $125

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Cake Server]
Nielloware Cake Server, in orig. box
Est Value: $175

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Peacock Pin]
Articulated Peacock Pin
Est Value: $50

Impressive Nielloware Vase w/Wood Base
Est Value: $300

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Cigarette Case]
Cigarette Case, Engraved "1953"
Est Value: $150

[Nielloware Bowl]
Nielloware Bowl
Est Value: $250

[Nielloware Beetle]
Nielloware Beetle: A Mystery!
Est Value: $125

Siam Sterling Nielloware PinWelcome! This is the site where you can learn about Siam Sterling Nielloware, these beautiful Thai items, purchase unique, collectible books and magazines from my personal collection, as well as a variety of items, such as Thai/Siam brass dinnerware / dessertware, and more! Also check our free gas & auto repair service sites, & our free weather-related sites!
         Attractive Pendant
              Est. Value: $65

Here, too, you can purchase Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware, the only book in print that thoroughly describes these items (see below or to the left). Note, too, our new E-Book, Survey of Siam Sterling Nielloware (see also below), and now join our new collectors CLUB (below)!

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Brought to you by Charles Dittell, Author of the paperback, Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware, the E-Book Survey of Siam Sterling Nielloware and (in both paper and E-Book) Transcending Anger (Link to the book site) (Link to E-Book Bookstores)

The Perfect Gift! 

Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware, our 3rd paperback edition (cover pictured above) has 204 large (8 ½ x 11") pages (up from earlier edition's 176), over 400 illustrations of over 350 Siam sterling Nielloware items. Includes history, cultural aspects, economic factors, rarity and demand estimates, and updated values of these items. The 3rd Edition also includes updated binding and covers, an update of recent significant economic changes, and an updated Nielloware pricing matrix. [ Click on cover at left for sample pages. ]

And now -- Large Type Edition (for those of us without perfect eyesight!) 266 pages; includes every word of the original, plus an additional dozen pictures with descriptions, plus a couple of *extra* paragraphs, as well as text TWICE as large!
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    Overview of Siam
    Sterling Nielloware
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E-Books - Available by download throughout the World!

Survey of Siam Sterling Nielloware Now! Survey of Siam Sterling Nielloware - the E-Book! (Click Here to Learn About It)

Transcending Anger Also, the E-Book, Transcending Anger, available at most E-Book downloading sites (Click Here)

             Nielloware Descriptions of Illustrations
Almost all Siam sterling items have illustrations taken from the Thai legend, Ramakien.
Our Siam sterling Nielloware books include fully identified illustrations of each listed name.
Here are the names and descriptions of basic Nielloware illustrations.
Click here to see illustrations of some basic Nielloware illustrations!)

Chedi Klang Nam
The Floating Pagoda
Dasakantha (Dasharatha)
King of Aydohya (Land of the Giants)
Eravan (Erewan)
The Three-Headed Elephant
The "Monkey-General" (King of the Monkeys)
Lakorn Chai
Classical Thai Male Dancer
Lakorn Ying
Classical Thai Female Dancer
Matcha (Naninaccha)
Queen of the Mermaids
Mekkala (Mekala)
Goddess of Lightning
Nang Fa
Fairy of Happiness
The Lion (representing the Siamese Royal Emblem)
The prince, hero of Ramayana
God of Thunder
(Evil) Ruler of Ceylon
(The Daughter of the Earth)
The Thai Royal Barge
The Mermaid -- Queen of the Sea
God of Welcoming
Dancing Angels with Rope Garland
Visinu (Vishnu)
The "Preserver" (a 4-armed god)
Wat Arun
The Temple of Dawn

If you have questions about Siam sterling, or would like to share information about these items...
Write to me: E-Mail Charles

[Siam Sterling Nielloware Compact]
Nielloware Compact: Illustration of Nang Fa
Est. Value: $100

[Alex & Co. Smoker's Set]
Alex & Co. Multi-piece Smoker's Set
Est. Value: $250

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